Teresa's Tummy short film Screenshot

Teresa’s Tummy Short Film

Teresa’s Tummy short film tagline:

I wanted to tell you about a dream I had.

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A young girl with stomach cancer creates a fantasy world to which she escapes to with her best friends when her condition takes a turn for the worst.

Video Breakdown

Skills Editing, Final Cut Pro 7
Position Picture Editor
Year 2011
Genre Drama
Format 16mm
Run Time 7 minutes
Director Yosef Baraki

Production Stills


The goal of the edit was to show Teresa’s dream world and the escalation of her illness mirrored in Mr Stork, her imaginary friend. Also, that Teresa has a hard time staying in reality, but ultimately accepts her fate and joins her friend Mr Stork.

I edited the dream world with an experimental style, in high contrast to the reality segments.

Teresa’s Tummy Short Film Trailer

Teresa’s Tummy Trailer from Danielle Bastien on Vimeo.