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Bhutan Travel Documentary


Make your way through and experience what is it like to be in Bhutan.

Video Breakdown

Skills Assistant Editing, Editing, Final Cut Pro 7, After Effects CS5
Position Assistant Picture Editor
Year 2012
Genre Documentary
Format HD
Run Time 8 minutes
Director Eva Ziemsen

Bhutan Production Stills


I captured all interview tapes and DSLR b-roll footage. Most importantly I set up a Final Cut Pro 7 file with all the footage organised by location and interview with bins labelled and descriptions of the footage filled in.

When that’s done I exported the information as excel sheets and make an easy to read, colour coded, log. Because there are no shooting logs I feel having this referenceable and descriptive capture log will help the director and picture editor see what is available when they begin to build their story.

I also edited a spec piece with the footage where the goal was to take the viewer through a sequential journey so they could experience the footage as if they are travelling through Bhutan themselves.


“I just looked at some of your logs. Great work! I’m impressed.”

Eva Ziemsen — Director, Bhutan