Veloxsites Colours

Veloxsites Corporate Rebrand

Branding exercises are over…

Since October 2014 branding exercises have been taking place at Veloxsites, leading to an overall rebrand. Eternal meetings talking about personifying the company and what goals, personality and values it has as this “person”. Eventually, all of these decisions are thoroughly thought out and will from now on be the base of all marketing actions.  These new values didn’t quite fit our old imagery so the long road to rebrand begins. But none of this is fun, the fun part is applying it! Where do I get to apply it? The corporate website.

Rebrand Logo & Colours

Veloxsites Logo Specs
Veloxsites Logo Rebrand Specs

The Veloxsites logo was developed to be modern, bold and fun in its reflection of the technology for business industry. It is a minimalist, confident, distinctive mark and brand that seeks to present Veloxsites as a professional, modern identity. The logo is intended to convey power through its simplicity and cleanliness. This symbol is a combination of two pillars joined at the bottom to represent the Veloxsites “V”. The two pillars joining show strength in partnership.

Veloxsites Colours
Veloxsites Colours

Our primary colours are green and purple and the secondary colours work on getting the rest of the rainbow in there, in a muted fashion.

Rewriting the CSS only took a colour variable swap essentially.  There were only slight changes to the HTML, like organizing the headers, adding some spiffy new taglines.


Frankie Says Relax, Charles Says Launch

After a few weeks of fidgeting with the site colour rebrand, everyone was still hemming and hawing, the usual indecision suspects. But Charles, who had been very against a makeover, loved what he saw and insisted we launch; an office meme was born.

Rebrand launch day #worklife #webdev #redesign #launch #justdoit #rebranding

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